ARTIST BIO: Perhaps chance, perhaps fate, whatever the reason may be.....the magic of Deborah Connors, Nate Harasim, and Darren Rahn’s collaborative efforts was evident from the start. De’Nate’s (pronounced Dee-Nah-Tay) debut release, "Reminisce" is an incredible combination of Soul, R&B and Contemporary Jazz music. Their music touches you emotionally and gives them a sound like no other before.

NuGroove Records President, David Chackler discovered genius keyboardist/producer, Nate Harasim in 2007, after listening to Nate’s self produced debut release, Next in Line. Impressed by Nate’s unique ability to create memorable, funky rhythms, he believed that Nate could become one of the top artist/producers in the Contemporary Jazz genre. Chackler signed Nate Harasim to NuGroove and began developing his talents. He hooked Nate up with another NuGroove talent, hit-making producer/artist Darren Rahn among others. Thriving in this atmosphere, Nate rose to the challenge, and within a very short time was ready to produce his second CD, entitled Love’s Taken Over. During the production of Love’s Taken Over, Harasim and Rahn began to develop not only an incredible and unique production relationship, but a true friendship.

During this same period, Chackler had been developing the very talented singer/songwriter Deborah Connors. Deborah was one of the top vocal coaches in Chicago, and had been writing and producing her own music with Chicago based writer, producer and guitar phenomenon, Michael Powell. Deborah, a veteran of the Chicago music scene and had worked at the legendary Chicago Trax Recording Studios with talents such as R Kelly, Ministry's Al Jorgenson, George Harrison, Liz Phair, Trent Reznor, as well as some of the great Chicago House artists such as Farley "Jackmaster Funk" and Joe Smooth, among others. Deborah honed her talents while recording two of her own albums, doing commercials and producing her own dance music album, Midnight Affair. When David Chackler heard the results of her work with Powell, he felt she was ready as a soloist and was just waiting for the perfect partner with whom she could produce and create.

Harasim, who was in the midst of creating his Love's Taken Over album, and was in need of a vocalist with a very unique sound to add to one of his tracks, "Feel the Love." Chackler recommended that Nate connect with Deborah. It was a match made in heaven.  "Feel the Love" the first single from Love’s Taken Over was the beginning of the new De'Nate' sound.

During the creation of De’Nate’s debut CD, “Reminisce”, Harasim consulted with Rahn on the production of the music and discovered that there was an incredible synergy within their work together. Darren’s addition to the signature sound of De’Nate’ was undeniable. However, it wasn't until his recent studio work with the group that it all came together.  "This whole thing with me joining the group stemmed from a remix I did for their new single "Sweet Dreams"...One day I'm cutting a few sax tracks for them, then I'm doing a remix for the single, and then suddenly I'm being asked to join the group. It was an honor and a very natural progression - truly meant to be. It wasn't created or contrived, it just happened and things are really taking off now. We've had an amazing response to the album and the new single in the US and internationally as well. I'm excited to join De'Nate' alongside the extremely talented Nate Harasim and Deborah Connors, and I'm thrilled to have the legendary David Chackler and NuGroove Records in our corner. I can't wait to see what happens next," said Rahn.

Darren, responsible for several recent Billboard hits for Contemporary Jazz acts like Dave Koz,  Wayman Tisdale and Eric Darius...to name a few,  as well as writing and producing several of his own solo albums was a most welcome completion to De’Nate’s signature sound.

Their original music is exemplary, their cover songs distinctive and yet their own, never losing touch with the original version. This unique trio brings a soulful and sensuous touch to the listener’s ear. With your first listen, they’ll draw you in.



Reminisce warms the soul and impales the senses with shots of serenity. Its standard smooth soul fused with contemporary ambient escapes that arouse dreamy sensations. The music of De'Nate melts away stress while keeping the listener on a heavenly plane. In this way, it is an album that is made for everyone.

HyBrid Magazine

With Deborah Connor's uniquely intricate vocal stylings, the incredibly haunting rhythms of keyboardist Nate Harasim and the sophisticated chops of the newest member, saxophonist Darren Rahn, De'Nate' is a new sound  for a whole new generation of contemporary jazz, pop and urban music.

The Urban Music Scene

The combination of Nate’s inspired keyboard work and Deborah’s sensual vocals is a total winner. Add in the World-class support work from the likes of sax man, Darren Rahn, guitarist Michael Powell and bassist Mel Brown, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a smash hit album. It’s a fresh, invigorating potpourri of Smooth Jazz, R&B, soul and pop. Highly recommended!