Welcome To The Future Of Smooth Jazz

In January 2007, smooth jazz took a step “back to the future”. The legacy label Nu Groove Records was re launched after an almost 10 year hiatus. Original founder David Chackler decided to revitalize the legendary label, reacquiring the rights to the NuGroove name from his prior partners who had acquired the company in 2004 from Chackler, and two years later shuttered it.

Originally the home for smooth jazz icon Michael Lington, and format bending “Down to the Bone,” Nu Groove had launched some of the biggest acts in the format, and the name had remained synonymous with “smooth jazz on the edge." It had become the benchmark label for aggressive, funky, and non traditional smooth jazz music and acts, and the image remained. So in late 2006, David Chackler, in conjunction the folks at Red\Sony Distribution, decided the industry was ripe for Nu Groove to rise again, and represent the progressive “edge” of smooth jazz, and urban adult music. In January 2007, David was joined by one his original partners, John Salstone, former owner of the legendary MS Distribution, and together have now started expanding on the base of the new company, that Chackler revitalized in 2006.

Over the past decade Chackler had stayed active developing successful acts and music for other labels he founded. During this time he launched the “Rare Requests” series, which is the most successful smooth jazz compilation series ever released, and now is in its fifth edition. Chackler also worked with the legendary Daryl Hall to release his one and only solo album, which spawned three top 10 singles, and re established the smooth jazz chill sound of “Soul Ballet”, with two Top 10 singles. During this time Chackler also worked with keyboard star Bob Baldwin, and Bassist Michael Manson to create broader bases for their already burgeoning careers.

With the past ten years in the rear view mirror, Chackler, and company have re established Nu Groove’s prominence with their very first release. Jay Soto’s “Stay Awhile” album, and single “Slammin’” have already catapulted into the Top Ten as this is written, and new releases by Bob Baldwin, and Michael Manson are set to be released in early 2008. The label has stayed true to its history of developing new acts by signing star producer, turned saxophonist J.Dee, and released his initial CD “Tippin’ On The Edge Of Funk”, which is hurtling up the charts, and in conjunction with genre superstar Nick Colionne, he has signed the seminal Chicago group “Lake Effect.” This group was the launching pad for Michael Manson, Steve Cole and others, and now they are stepping out on their own Nu Groove release entitled “Brighter Moments”. These acts along with Machan, Dee Brown, Dave Sereny and others form the new core of Nu Groove. New legends will be born here, welcome to the future of Smooth Jazz.